Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry after Christmas mood...

I hope you all had a very nice cozy Christmas this year. Our Christmas days were extremely lazy and cozy. We were hanging out at home, drinking lots of champagne and wine, eating a lot and very good. My Mom prepared a traditional Christmas salad...will share the recipe soon with you.

My husband and I have to work between the years but we are taking it slow. Right now we are in our favorite bar in Frankfurt, Germany, drinking the best Bombay Crushed and Whiskey Sour in the Universe. Check out...http://www.luna-bar.de/

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oriental weekend...

My girlfriends and I spent the last days in the souks of Marrakesh. We wanted to finish the year with some great memories and some time for a resume.

Marrakesh is such an amazing city. It was not my first time but I always explore it in a new way.

We stayed in a hotel called Eden Andalou. A very nice place but too far from the city. I recommend you staying in one of the 1000nds Riads in the souks. There are plenty and they almost all look great.

Our days were mainly filled with walking around buying lamps, jewelry, bags, and scarfs. Besides this we were eating everything that was crossing our ways. Awesome food! Try them all.

If you ever go to Marrakesh, you should plan a stop at the La Mamounia for a Martini, a dinner at the Riad Dar Mimouna, a tea on the terrace of the Cafe de France looking over the gorgeous Djema el fna square and finally a cocktail at the Cafe Arabe.