Saturday, February 18, 2012

Escorted by an army of angels....

This might not be a topic for a blogpost but I am soo sad! Whitney Houston's funeral today was bittersweet and soo sad. She has been the icon of my teenage years and we were playing her up and down at home. My Mom and I loved to shake whenever there was a Whitney song around. She made us laugh, she made us cry but overall she gave us the feeling to be alive.

Whitney Houston was an extraordinary singer with the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. May she been escorted by an army of angels to heavenly peace. Bye Whitney!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh sweet love...sweet love....

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I amalmost forcing my hubby to do something nice with me. Frankly, he is not very much into such things and claims them to be part of a capitalistic system butstill I want a nice treat for Valentine’s Day. And while I am insisting on thatI was thinking why it is so important for women to be treated special on thatparticular day. I am thinking and thinking and nothing reasonable is coming upto my mind. I married the best man in life and he is treating me like a queen(most of the time) but I am still nagging him to do this in a more sophisticatedway on one day. Why? Cause I have browsing over so many nice Valentine Dayinspiration and I don’t wanna be missed out. Among a lot of lovely inspirationsI have found this extremely lovely e-magazine calledfunkytime

You have to check this out and you will most probably demand aneven sweeter treat from the one you love most. J